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Food systems are a hot topic…your neighbor talks about planting a community garden in the empty lot across the street, your parent association is organizing to advocate for access to nutritious food in area schools, or maybe you turn on the news to hear organizations encouraging constituents to “buy local.” These conversations on eating healthfully, locally, and sustainably are happening everyday and they continue to deepen on local and national levels.

A commitment to that discussion is happening right here in Dane county. Since 2005, your Dane County Food Council (DCFC) has been dedicated to organizing thought and action on making our food system sustainable for all. We hope you spend some time exploring this site, join discussions, and visit often!


The Dane County Food Council is a dynamic committee that explores issues and develops recommendations to create an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable local food system for the Dane county region. The council has been highlighted by the National Association of Counties as a model for other county governments. Learn more.

Action Plan

We encourage you to review the Dane County Food Council Action Plan, which identifies the goals, objectives, actions and timeline for DCFC. We welcome community member input on this plan.

Letter of Support

The DCFC may write letters of support for projects and programs that support our goals. To request a copy of the Letter of Support Guidelines contact DCFC staff.

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